Expert of lumbago treatment

bernhard schwarz expert of lumbago treatment

Bernhard Schwarz

Germany’s first lumbago specialist

Over 90% of my patients with acute lumbago report a significant relief of their symptoms after just one treatment appointment!

Your problem

Acute back pain

Do you have acute lumbago, lumbar sciatica or your sciatic nerve is pinched?

Long waiting time

You need an appointment now and you are only in Munich for a short time?


You don’t want to take painkillers or the medication has no effect?

Why us?

Short waiting time

Appointment as soon as possible, even on weekends and public holidays

House call

We come to your home, office or hotel

Without syringes

You will not be given any painkillers or medication

Dr. med. Karl-Ludwig Schattenhofer

Hexenschuss-Notruf offers an extraordinarily innovative service. Especially for patients who suffer lumbago on the weekend and want a home visit!

How does our lumbago treatment work?


We will make our way to you as soon as possible

Initial medical assessment

Accurate medical history, examination and lumbago treatment in one session

Lumbago treatment

Manual therapy, chiropractic and individual support to alleviate your discomfort quickly!